GVK Hancock has developed a plan to boost regional jobs for around 30+ years in the operational workforce of its planned Galilee Basin mining operations.

The plan to boost regional jobs involves adopting bus-in/bus-out services stretching over 300 kilometres from Emerald to Barcaldine to create sustained, long-term employment throughout the region.

This bus-in/bus-out service will complement the unavoidable need for fly-in/fly-out services, to meet the requirement of more than 4,000 direct jobs at our proposed mines.

The development of the Galilee Basin will be one of the most significant pieces of regional and economic development our state has seen for decades and our plan aims to promote jobs growth throughout the region, without adversely impacting the region.

The Galilee Basin is a sparsely populated area, so coordinating workforce requirements that finds a balance with the local community is vital.

The bus-in/bus-out service will extend employment benefits from our project to Emerald and Barcaldine and beyond, incorporating additional pick-up and drop-off points along the route at towns such as Jericho and Alpha.

Fatigue management will be a crucial element of our safety and health management system and employees will be required to commit to personal journey management plans for any travel to and from the terminal points of Emerald, Barcaldine and the airport as a condition of their employment.

Unfortunately, it would not be possible to commence significant operations like ours in such a remote regional area without also incorporating fly-in/fly-out arrangements and any attempt to do so would pose various impacts to surrounding communities such as overheating the local property market.

The unavoidable need to use fly-in fly-out in our operational workforce is a crucial element in developing our operations, as well as finding balance with the local communities in the remote vicinity of our proposed operations.

Our projects will also create substantial regional jobs growth beyond just our direct workforce with a total of around 20,000 direct and indirect jobs and our goal is to ensure that that growth supports the development of the region in a positive way as well.

We will continue working cooperatively with all levels of government throughout the life of our projects to ensure we support the ongoing needs of local communities.


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