Hancock Coal today welcomed the advice by the Queensland Government, to declare the proposed Alpha to Bowen Rail Corridor as an Infrastructure Facility of Significance (IFS). 

The rail line is a linchpin in the development of the Galilee Coal Basin. Without this rail corridor and track, the Galilee Basin would not be able to develop to its full potential as a future economic powerhouse for the State of Queensland. Opening up of this Basin will provide much needed social and economic benefit to not only the central Queensland region, but also the entire State and Nation.

Hancock Coal is also progressing with its bulk coal sample project at its Alpha Coal tenement approximately 60km north-west of the town of Alpha. The bulk sample project plays an important role in securing the long-term viability of the two proposed future coal projects, Alpha Coal and Kevin’s Corner.

Hancock Coal, a fully owned subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting, intends to participate actively in the Queensland coal industry delivering enormous economic benefit to the State.


Click here to download: "IFS Declaration for Rail Corriddor.pdf"

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