The development of the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland represents one of the most significant pieces of regional and economic development Queensland has seen for decades and GVK Hancock is a leading proponent in this region.

GVK Hancock’s Galilee Basin projects include the Alpha, Alpha West and Kevin’s Corner coal projects, and incorporate associated infrastructure including a rail solution connecting the Galilee Basin to a new coal terminal (T3) at the existing Abbot Point Coal Port.

Our projects will provide direct employment to around 7,500 people during construction and almost 4,000 once operational and contribute over $40 billion in taxes and royalties over the life of the mines.

When combined, our Galilee Basin projects will create one of the largest coal mining operations in the world holding total resources of 8 billion tonnes of high quality thermal coal and will achieve a peak capacity of around 80 million tonnes per annum for around 30 years.

"The Galilee Basin project perfectly fits GVK’s global aspirations to be one of the most reliable coal suppliers in the world. Following the best practices in operations and environmental sustainability for the integrated ‘pit to port project’, comprising mining, rail and port, we will create jobs, contribute to the economic development of the region and improve quality of life, thus contribute our bit, to the society."

G V Sanjay Reddy
Vice Chairman
GVK Power and Infrastructure

“The continuing health and growth of Asia’s economies are critical to Australia. As Asia’s economies grow, so should Australia’s, we’re vitally linked.”

Georgina Rinehart
Executive Chairman
Hancock Prospecting Group

“The GVK Hancock Alpha and Kevin’s Corner coal projects offer the potential to open up the Galilee Basin and sustain new port and rail infrastructure which will transform the economy in regional Queensland.”

Darren Yeates
Chief Executive Officer
GVK Hancock