High Quality Coal

Our Galilee Basin projects present an opportunity to access a high quality thermal coal, which will offer the ability to lower emissions from global coal fire power generation.

In 2010, we extracted 125,000 tonnes of thermal coal from the Alpha deposit, which was sent to power stations in South Korea and China, confirming it as a high quality, low ash, low sulphur thermal coal.

It can be proven conclusively that improving coal quality contributes to an improvement in a power station’s environmental performance. Boiler efficiency and ash content have a significant impact on environmental emissions, both gaseous and particulate and the lower the particulate emissions, the lower the concentration of trace elements released to the atmosphere.

The beneficial quality and attributes of GVK Hancock’s coal assets, position the product very favourably compared to significant volumes of lower quality coal that is currently being imported by the Asian economies.

Alpha Washed Coal Specifications v. NEWC Quality Specifications*

Ash %
14% Max
8.6% as received
(9.5 abd)
Lower is better
Gross Calorific Value
6000 min
6430 adb
(5800 gar)
Higher is better
Total Sulphur
0.75% max
Lower is better
Hardgrove Grindability Index
45 - 70


Click here to download: EcoFriendly Coal for China - Value for the Environment and Value for the Power Generator - by Linsday Juniper