Drill Sampling

Kevin's Corner

The Kevin's Corner Mine development is a well delineated thermal coal deposit in a premium location of the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia. Kevin’s Corner is located immediately to the north and adjacent to the preceding Alpha Coal Project. 

The Kevin’s Corner thermal coal deposit is owned by Hancock Galilee Pty Ltd (HGPL), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the GVK Group. It was previously owned by Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd. until 2011. 

The Kevin's Corner mine development is based upon a JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee, 2004) compliant resource of 4.2Bt, including 473Mt in reserve category, modelled from drilling of approximately 800 drill holes since the 1970’s.

The deposit exhibits excellent characteristics for high productivity underground longwall mining, supported by open-cut operations. Studies have indicated a high potential for long and wide high-reach longwall panels with simple mine development roadway access, enabling high volume, high productivity, low cost underground longwall mining. 

Kevin's Corner mine plan is designed around a stand-alone mining project that will stage the ramp up to full production over a period of five to seven years after a two year construction period to first coal. 

The Kevin's Corner Project is anticipated to employ thousands of people throughout its productive life. The workforce is anticipated to peak at approximately 2,500 people during construction, with a workforce of 1,600 to 1,800 during operations phase depending on the final mine configuration.



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