Image from within the Alpha Test Pit of workers and digging equipment

Our Advantage

Our Galilee Basin coal projects offer a unique opportunity to access a significant, high quality, low cost thermal coal deposit, which offers an ability lower global emissions from thermal coal power generation.

LOW PRODUCTION COSTS - It is important to understand that the volume and magnitude of our Galilee Basin coal deposits, which are large and shallow with a very flat delineation, lend themselves to large scale mining techniques that are not otherwise available to smaller mines with more geologically challenging deposits.

SOUGHT AFTER COAL QUALITY - Our Galilee Basin projects present an opportunity to access a low cost, low ash, low sulphur, high quality thermal coal, which will offer the ability to lower emissions from global coal fire power generation.

ADVANCED STAGE OF APPROVALS - We have invested tens of millions of dollars in achieving some of the most extensive and rigorous environmental assessments for our Galilee Basin projects and associated rail and port infrastructure, which have been approved by State and Federal governments.

ADVANCED STAGE OF CONSTRUCTION READINESS - We have significantly advanced the competitive tendering and contracting process with leading global contractors for the construction and operations phases of the Alpha Coal Project which will be the first of GVK’s mines to enter production. 

ACCESS TO EXPORT MARKETS - We are in the process of finalising a solution for transporting coal out of the Galilee Basin. This will be in the form of a joint venture with Aurizon, Australia’s largest rail freight company.